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Ilion Energy (a member of GENESIS HOLDINGS GROUP) offers affordable and sustainable energy solutions. In this short but industrious time, Ilion Energy has contributed to the introduction of products and services of innovative technology to the Greek market with MW of renewable energy installations and numerous energy efficiency projects. The management is comprised of engineering and business oriented people with experience in entrepreneurship and construction management. Ilion Energy and has been steadily growing at over 20% per year.

We believe that sustainability and value are correlative concepts, and that is why our wide range of services follows a constant growth paradigm, focused on optimizing available resources to produce and harness energy. This energy is defined as tangible value, be it at a corporate level or at a personal level the result is always financially beneficial for investors.

We deal with three crucial areas of energy engineering: Electrical Engineering covers methods of energy generation using renewable energy resources (RES) as well as designing circuitry for automations; Mechanical Engineering covers thermal energy generation and transmission as well as automation mechanics; Architectural engineering covers the design and execution of residential and industry specific structures applying bioclimatic methods and last but not least the R&D department which has as purpose to constantly seek and apply the optimized levels of function for any given technology.

Our executive team is comprised almost exclusively by engineers highly capable of adapting to environmental factors such as legislation, economy and cultural behavior. We observe study and quantify these environmental factors aiming to minimize risk for our clients.

Ilion Energy’s services include:
• Design and Construction of Renewable Energy Power Plants (Solar, Solar Thermal, Biomass, Geothermal)
• Design and Construction Of Electricity-Heat Cogeneration Plants
• Green Building Audit, Renovation, Commissioning
• Bioclimatic Architecture & Construction of Buildings
• Improvement of Energy Efficiency / Energy Saving for New and Existing Buildings via Bioclimatic Methods
• Building Energy Management Systems

Our new line of business, additional to the existing ones, is the "Symbiosis" Energy Autonomous Hydroponic Seawater Greenhouse.

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Vrsta organizacije: Kompanija

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